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Alainn Tours began with two close friends, Bernard and Corine They met in Ireland during an Erasmus stay and fell in love with the Celtic charm. What better way to share their love of all things Celtic but to start a business that would showcase the very best of Ireland and the UK (Scotland, Wales and England).

Established over thirty years ago, they have gone from strength to strength and continue to be passionate about their work and eager to diversify into a sustainable endeavor. 

Meet our team


A defined philosophy

Ireland, Scotland and Wales are a passion for Alainn Tours. For over thirty years, Alainn Tours, based in Sligo on the Northwest coast of Ireland, has left an indelible mark in the Celtic countries and surrounding areas with its closely knit group of twenty-three travel experts. They have created unique experiences for travelers across all economies.

Whether in Ireland or in the UK (Scotland, Wales and England), Alainn Tours welcomes individuals, families and small groups travelling from France and other countries such as Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Québec in Canada.

Alainn Tours is a true craftsman of travel. Developing and maintaining a close relationship with its service providers or clients is of utmost importance as well as delivering a 7 days/week assistance both in French and English.



Visiter Galway

A handmade offer

Alainn Tours services are of high quality, adapted to their customers’ desires with a “handmade” service.  Alainn Tours offers authentic experiences that encompass beauty, mystery and emotion. It’s team searches for the right match for price and location in both popular routes and the less well-known destinations.

The Agency handles over 3,500 clients every year from all over the French-speaking world. The Team prides itself on its expertise at organizing itineraries that match exactly its clients’ taste and budget as it constantly researches new products, destinations, and accommodation.


A special bond with both travellers and local providers

Alainn Tours has a very special bond with both our travelers and our providers. We deliver completely personal packages, from the start to the finish of their journeys. We are eager to share our experience to enable the client to embrace the authenticity and emotion of their journey.

Each dedicated travel adviser has formed special relationships with our providers enabling us and them to create once in a lifetime holidays.

Working with Alainn Tours as Provider

Services – Our promise to Travellers

Alainn Tours has values and principles on which it has adhered to for over thirty years. We stand by these as our fundamental core beliefs and base all our interactions with our clients on these five standards :

  • The Team shares their own experiences of our providers with whom they have built trusted, interactive relationships with.
  • Giving the client time to discover their local stay and absorb the experience (2-to-3-night stays when feasible).
  • Offer at all times a high-quality personalized service with a human dimension.
  • Engage Team’s full commitment to all travellers, before-during-after their stay, but also to all providers it works with.
  • Commit to supporting responsible tourism in its entirety by calculating and offsetting both Activity and Travellers carbon footprint and to spread these benefits among the organisations and communities the Team has chosen to support.


Llys Meddyg , Newport

Services – Our Chart of quality benefiting to Guests, Providers and Team

The Agency places great emphasis on the warmth of the welcome our guests receive, the property and its surroundings and the overall quality of the facilities and hygiene in accordance with the traveller’s expectations. Any extra or personalized attention is always welcomed, as the agency favors the unique approach.

  • All accommodation must have ensuite facilities as well as proper space and ventilation. Television, telephones, and other technical features, while not necessarily mandatory, should be available upon request. Broadband access should be available, if not in the bedroom, then in the house.
  • Alainn Tours clients appreciate a quality choice for breakfast: homemade baked goods, alternative milks, fruit, yogurts, and local produce as well as a traditional “fry”. A personal touch, with the emphasis on quality rather than surplus quantity, helps to support a more sustainable approach.
  • The welcome remains one of the strongest strengths of Alainn Tours due to the enthusiasm and commitment of the team. This is something we try to guarantee to all customers whether services can be delivered under normal conditions or not. Any eventualities can happen and the team of Alainn Tours are present 7 days out of 7 to support any questions raised by Customers or Providers, to help you deliver the best services at all times (arrival times, allergies, specific requirements etc or guests potentially not adhering to your own quality charts etc ..)
  • Alainn Tours providers are pre-paid in advance, prior to our customers arrival. We pay by bank transfer, or credit card. A booking confirmation and detailed invoice is necessary for payment.
  • Our Team truly values our relationship and as such believes in a partner’s bond relationship to be always adhered to in order to optimize any situation outcome in the most pleasant manner or experience be it for customer, or Staff involved, or at Alainn Tours’ or Provider’s level.
  • We are always looking to improve our services and welcome any suggestions or reviews you would like to offer in order optimise the Customer’s experience while highlighting the value of your services.
Wales Coast Path

Representation – Spreading the good word at no extra cost to Providers

From early stage the Agency has always chosen not to work with “allotments” to remain independent to match best customer expectation and selected services.

The Agency has always participated in trade shows, exhibitions and other promotional events involving national tourism bodies such as: ITOA, Tourism Ireland, Failte Ireland, Visit Wales, Visit Britain, Visit Scotland and other regional groups.

It has also generated its own representation and marketing campaigns which has benefited its providers and their regions. These campaigns have brought the Agency and its providers to the attention of B2C and B2B networks, for FIT and small groups. These campaigns have been done with no cost to the providers. They have been run over four main markets, via direct journalism or press, social media, or through its new website and blog and its vast qualified data base of 50,000+ new readers.

All this is being available to you Provider, at no entry cost. Please feel free to contact us with any specific question in mind. The Team at Alainn tours will do its upmost to advise and support you to further our relationship with the goal of increasing our business together.

Meeting with, welcoming our Team Or visiting us in Sligo, Ireland

There are many ways to get to know each other and to work further on our relationship:

  • Send us an email with your details and/or web link to trade@alainntours.com or pick up the phone and give us a call.
  • Attending some of the Trade, regional or national events is very effective as well, but we tend to prefer the personal touch, meeting and getting a feel for each other. Much the same as we provide to our own customers. The Agency puts aside time and a yearly budget to let the Team train, re-visit, cross check and research new services and providers.
  • Visiting us in the Agency in Sligo makes a great start to a new relationship. If we know in advance that you’re coming to visit we can arrange an in-house training- presentation of your organization to our entire team, be it job working from office or home on the day, via video conference. Any local sustainable groups or tourism businesses are also welcomed to call in and present themselves.

The bond, warmth, and enthusiasm to welcome our travelers together and to help fulfill their destination dreams is our ultimate goal at all times.

Any support from our providers is always welcomed towards this. While promoting our providers and their services this never comes at a cost to the providers. In return, we prefer a commission or net trade rate allowing us to improve our businesses.

Cadair Idris au Pays de Galles

Strengthening our relationship

Should you have in mind to work closer on some specific package or to develop or highlight your own sustainable initiatives, please share your thoughts to trade@alainntours.com.

Should you wish to support a local group or project set up with the view to preserve or protect as our customers travel to your property or region, please do not hesitate to share details to sustainable@alainntours.com or to request us to make specific contact to assess.

Thank you!