Alainn Tours Sustainability Policy

Our commitment

Alainn Tours is a small and human scale travel agency. Our team of Irish and expatriates is based in Ireland and passionate about celtic countries. Since the beginning, we promote low-impact tourism that benefits the local communities which we are part of. We adhere to a tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment and host communities.
We know it won’t become reality without effort on our part. The present policy applies to the entire company.

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Offering more respectful trips

We create tailor-made circuits with moderate mileage, by car or public transport, and with minimum two nights at each stop. This way, on top of being more pleasant, your trip generates less carbon emissions.

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Compensating our carbon emissions

We know that travel has an unavoidable cost in terms of energy. We commit to compensating those emissions with Sustainable Travel Ireland :

Supporting local, ethical and sustainable economy

From the beginning, Alainn Tours only works with guides, accommodations and other providers that we know, whose practises are ethical and that are based in Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England.

Promoting respect for celtic cultures and communities

Travelling with Alainn Tours means going to meet the real Irish, Scottish and Welsh. We deliberately avoid touristy places in order to alleviate pressure on those sites and encourage you to discover treasures that deserve to be better known !

Reducing our impact daily at the agency

We avoid using paper. We measure our consumption of water and energy and the volume of our waste and work towards reducing them as much as possible each year. We encourage the use of zero waste and recyclable materials for lunches and sort, compost and recycle waste and leftovers. We keep heating at minimum. All electronic devices are switched off when not being used. Our energy comes 100 % from renewable sources.

Informing and encouraging our guests

Three times a year, our green newsletter keeps you informed on environmental matters in Ireland, Scotland and Wales and advises you on how to travel there more sustainably. Our marketing policy is to orient our costumers towards making a positive difference with their choices.

Inciting progress within the tourism industry

We foster the exchange of green tips amongst our providers via our newsletter and ask that they subscribe to good environmental practises such as sourcing their products locally and minimising waste and energy consumption.

Helping to protect nature

Each year, Alainn Tours makes a donation to local organisations acting for biodiversity and the environment such as the Strandhill Biodiversity Group. The team spends a day out for environmental action and raising awareness within the staff. The latest were a training day with Clean Coast and a compost workshop at Rossinver Organic Centre. Alainn Tours subscribes to the principles of Leave no Treace.

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Alainn Tours enjoying a Foraging workshop with Neanog Farm, Cliffoney, Sligo.

Garantir la tangibilité de nos engagements

Alainn Tours is working towards being acknowledged by an independent certification body : Sustainable Travel Ireland. As a certified member of ITOA, the Irish Tour Operator Association, Alainn Tours subscribes to its sustainability policy.

Constantly improving

We draw a yearly assessment of our aims and achievements and fix new objectives progressively. Our sustainable tourism task force acts throughout the year to implement them. Our aim is to continue all the commitments listed above. To improve further, our goals for next year are to obtain further certification, seek out and build partnerships with more environmental suppliers and organisations, increase the amount of renewable electricity used at the office and broaden the range of eco-friendly holidays that we offer.

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