Alainn Tours Responsible Tourism Policy

In 2018 the ITOA began the vital steps of formulating a clear Responsible Tourism Policy deliverable by ITOA members in the workplace and marketplace.

It was asked to the association’s members to create and apply the next key words highlighted by the policy, in order to promote a more responsible tourism in Ireland. This of course applies to any other country promoted for.

Here is 9 major key words

  • Apply environmentally & sustainable practices inside the company
  • Leave No Trace
  • Encourage suppliers / tourism industry to adopt responsible tourism and business practices
  • Engage with all customers on sustainability with the help of pre-travel communication and on responsible tourism impacts while holidaying
  • Cultural respect and awareness while selecting and promoting services
  • Natural Area Focus
  • Support Local Communitiesin their sustainable tourism actions
  • Responsible Marketing and Communication
  • Carbon off-set programme : participate either independently or in partnership with an ITOA association annual project.
Mullaghmore Head, Chateau de Classibawn, Sligo, Irlande
Crédits photo: Tourism Ireland

ALAINN TOURS committed to apply these leads by

  • Putting in placeadhoc actions towards reducing the company’s carbon print
  • Setting up a Green Tourism ‘study committee‘ with roles and responsibilities while following up ITOA’s Webinars, main organisations guidelines etc ...
  • Providing meetings / internal communication to deliver a 2020 Biodiversity Plan which summarizes the ‘Ins and Out ‘for managing staff and employees by order of agreed priorities

Alainn Tours 2020 Action Plan

  • Publish the Agency’s 2019 Sustainable Tourism completed Actions (enclosed)
  • PublishAlainn Tours Responsible Tourism Policy Content)on AT’s Websites, both in English and French
  • Confirm review dates of the yearly action plan, to up date the Agency Responsible Tourism Policy and review the completion of the various listed actions
  • Calculate Alainn Tour’s business impact on the environment, an indirectly the holiday maker’s
  • Agree on the following line of actions to offset its impact for 2020 :

-AT to provide a “carbon off-set programme” to all its customers.

In 2020 Alainn Tours will be donating to the value of 3 € * per holidaymaker, by offering donations directly to environmental protection bodies and local communities & associations.

*Calculation made using an off-set calculator, as per details below.

Learn more about carbon footprint

*The offset calculation is based on flights/Cars/ Electricity (more carbon calculator bases to come) and contributions vary pending to volumes of holiday makers and performances of the selected providers. The company may decide to add up more beneficiaries of this “carbon off – set programme “, update and / or remove anyone at any stage. Members of public are welcomed to suggest any bodies to consider by sending an email to :serviceclient chez

CARBON FOOTPRINT : Production per country trips in 2019
- Ireland : 410 Tonnes of Co2/Year
- Scotland : 488 Tonnes of Co2/Year
- Wales : 10 Tonnes of Co2/Year

CARBON FOOTPRINT : Production of Alainn Tours in 2019 - Electricity consumption from computers : 11 Tonnes of Co2/year

CARBON Foot Print Calculator

-AT to regularly update the list of the selected groups under its policy published on AT’s Websites. These will be supported by its carbon off-set program
-AT to take a regular role in promoting responsible tourism across the Irish tourism sector, by encouraging its suppliers to become more aware, engaged and supportive of the overall actions put in place (be either yearly communication ( News) and/or support of local actions)
- AT to communicate and share local/regional or national green tourism actions for Ireland/Scotland/Wales destinations
- AT to take a Leading role in encouraging responsible tourism across by encouraging its holidaymakers to become more and more aware, engaged and supportive of the overall actions put in place locally, by sharing one post a month and 2 or 4 specific articles per year.
- AT to encourage Clients to share their Green Action while holidaying via Social Media, News or Blog articles …
- AT’s Team to take internal / external steps towards its own ‘Biodiversity Plan ‘ ( 2020 Voted Actions )
- AT to measure agency, team, partners and holiday makers commitments and success going forward using an annual survey and communicate on it
- AT to issue one annual News to thank and support suppliers joining in with their own actions to off-set carbon print
- AT to become certified in Responsible Tourism (Ecotourism Ireland or similar) – Encouraged by ITOA

Inch Beach Kerry

2019 Agency Sustainable Tourism completed Actions

→ No more hard files per customers thus saving space

  • For the last 27 years the Agency has been using and constantly recycling cardboard elasticated files
  • In 2018 the agency decided to go digital only and to dispose of all paper files
  • Old office furniture and folders were donated to local schools, which was greatly appreciated

→ Less documents printing

Introduction of a suppliers contracted rates E-form via a newly acquired mailing tool
(Allows saving on printing, envelopes, stamps and transport)

The Suppliers data base was asked to list out any internal / external actions to support Green Tourism and environmental issues.

→ Encouraging Customer to choose for a digital version of their “carnet de séjour (Road Book)"

Where in the past customers would have received both digital and mailed road books, this year customers were given the possibility to choose “digital only “on the registration form. Attempts had been made in the past but consumers associated this with a wish from the company to save on ink at their expense.

→ A reduced size version of the “carnet de séjour (Road Book)"

The Road book is now printed in an A5 booklet format, thus reducing the size of the envelopes being used, the use of paper, the back and colour ink. The road book using a high volume of images, is most definitely more environmentally friendly !

→ Better use of Electricity and heating

Well respected by all team for usage of heat, lighting and turning off computers after work.

→ Donation for Strandhill local association

The Strandhill Biodiversity Group (BAG) is a sub-committee of the Strandhill Community Development Association (SCDA). The SCDA has been in existence since the mid-1980s. SCDA’s remit is to support and enhance Strandhill and its community. More information on this local association can be found here : and

“ An overarching goal of the SCDA campaign is also to promote responsible and sustainable tourism development while safeguarding the unique culture, heritage and biodiversity of the peninsula through cooperation with all stakeholders in the wider community.”

2020 Sustainable Tourism voted Actions :

→ Continue the good efforts when using electricity and heat

• Switching lights off when not in use
• Turning off heating/air conditioning when leaving office
• Turning computers and screens off after work (except for servers and vital office components)

→ Introduction of a compost bin

• Compostable food waste that will be regularly collected (other waste is already properly disposed of and properly recycled when feasible)

→ Less document printing

• Continue printing black and white + double sided
• Only print necessary documents
• Introduction of a customer registration E-form via new acquired mailing tool (saves on scanning / printing, envelopes, stamps and transport)

→ Invite suppliers to list out any internal / external actions they are taking to support Green Tourism and environmental issues (Survey sent out 16/06/20 - see link below)

→ Develop a Sustainable Tourism Section on its Websites

→ Publish at least one Green Tourism Friendly Product

→ Usage of Eco-Friendly cleaning products and conducts

• Cleaning company to be approached for the use of eco-friendly cleaning products
• No more coffee disposable cups or food containers
• Employees to come to work with prepared food in reusable containers or dishes or to use reusable food container when buying local lunch (shops are supportive). Employees to share transport when feasible.

→ Communicate regularly throughout social media, blog and newsletter about :

• Actions taken by Alainn Tours to support Greener Tourism (Suppliers, holidays markers, internal actions)
• Workshops or events generated by the team to support local associations or community projects

→ Put in place a Carbon Footprint compensation system

• See

Learn more about carbon (...)

Learn more about carbon footprint

• Select every year different associations to support local environment and communities
• Support ITAO AGM Carbon Off-Set – Responsible Tourism Initiative via an annual donation of 100€ to plant native trees.

As per meeting of December 5th 2019, these will be the initial supported bodies by the Agency in 2020 :

Landscape and heritage conservation charity based in Dublin but branches located all around Ireland
Clean Coasts(groups all around Ireland)
HOMETREE native planting offersnative planting offers

Others considerations :
• Biodiversity Ireland
• WTM responsible tourism
• The travel fundations
• Sustainable Travel Ireland
• Leave no trace
• International ecotourism society
• Global ecotourism network ( GEN )
• Travel forever – global sustainable tourism council
• Notice nature / Failte Ireland produces guidelines for the protection of biodiversity – help wildlife habitats ..

Suppliers Survey -June 2020 :

We are currently “taking record of all measures“ to be implemented by our various providers, to ensure our mutual guests avail of a safe and enjoyable stay, while being looked after in a more environmentally friendly way.

For this purpose we have prepared a short survey which covers both Suppliers Covid-19 re-opening plans & Green issues.

We are inviting any current, or new potential, provider to take a few minutes to complete and return this survey to us. This is also an opportunity to inform us of any change of services going forward or any improvements made to your structure. Discover our survey.

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